About the Author

Del is more of an experience than a person. He lives in suburban Maryland with his girl, Rave. He is a neoclassical shaman and spirit worker, adult sex educator and professional kinkster, a transmasculine queer boy, a published author and a general weirdo.

He started his spiritual journey in his youth, becoming not only an active member of his church, but in the wider denomination (United Methodist). He decided to enter the ministry two years before he came out to himself as gay; although he went so far as college, preparing for seminary – when he was “asked to leave” after a series of events that led to the public disclosure of his sexual orientation – he decided to take a good look at what he actually believed. This, along with other life experiences, led to him being introduced to Wicca.

There were parts of Wicca that really called to him; a reverence for nature, the imminence of Deity, the idea of a living tradition; but there were also parts of Wicca that seemed limiting or just-not-right. He became a Wiccan High Priestess in the Alexandrian Tradition in 1995, but left when it started to feel too much like “church”. He began to study a wide range of occult lore, including Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, Dion Fortune, Madame Blatvasky, Edgar Cayce; he also decided to become a Chaos Magickian after reading Phil Hine’s work. In 1998, he started a pagan, ecclectic coven, but quickly realized that administration was not his strong suit, and decided to wander off and begin a solitary practice.

However, this actually didn’t happen. Instead, he got spiritually lazy and focused on other pursuits. His involvement in the pagan community where he was living was less than pleasant, and his study of ritual magick combined with his newfound belief in a pantheon of comic book characters and history of mental illness made most people write him off as a loon. So he put his time and energy into other things, including Live Action Role Playing, where he ran a fairly large monthly game that had very pagan themes and morals.

In 2003, a series of events happened that changed everything. Basically, he woke up in Maryland, living in a house of someone he had never met, his life having been blown to pieces. He thought he was going to kill himself, but instead he found himself in the employ of a Deity who hadn’t introduced Himself fully. That Deity turned out to be Loki, the outcast trickster God of the Aesir. Del learned that he was, in fact, a child of said Deity, and that Loki had been pulling the strings for a long time, getting Del ready for the Work He would set upon him. (Thanks, Dad.) Loki rebuilt Del into a madness shaman/spirit worker.

Since then, Del has been active in various spirit worker communities. Meeting Raven Kaldera ignited an important series of events in his life, and for that he is forever grateful. He learned how to apply his kinky skill set to his spiritual work, which culminated in him taking an Oath of Ordeal Mastery at Dark Moon Rising in 2009.

Del is a member of Clan Tashlin, a spiritual and magickal order that works with the Lady of the Forest Fire, a Deity of productive destruction. He also has a practice as a pastoral care counselor, and is available in person or over the Internet for spiritual guidance and insight, as well as divination. He is also beginning to worship with the Universal Temple of Spirits, which holds monthly trance-possesory rites in the style of African Diasporic tradition (although he is not yet a full fledged member.) Although his primary spiritual affiliation is with the Norse pantheon, he has active relationships with others, including Baphomet (for whom this blog exists), Eris, Hanuman, Ganesha, The Endless, and Erzulie Dantor.

Obviously, Del is also chronically ill, but that will be covered in “About the Blog”.

You can reach Del via email at awesome.del@gmail.com. You can also find him on Twitter as “Wylddelirium”, and on G+ and Facebook as “Del Tashlin”. He openly welcomes contact from people who find his blog interesting and/or meaningful.



  1. monkiss said,

    you seem like a cool and interesting person! glad to come across your blog

  2. Victoria Lee Kovacic (@Salashin) said,

    two different people have now pointed me to you. We should chat.

    • Del said,

      All of my contact information is listed above. Feel free to email me, or add me on social media.

  3. Valiel Elentári said,

    “Loki rebuilt Del into a madness shaman/spirit worker.”

    I was particularly intrigued by that sentence. Do you mean you went through madness to access the shaman charge, or does it mean that madness is a specificity of your role as a shaman ? I

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