About Comments

I love comments. I think most bloggers do. We like to know that what we’ve said moves you in some way, and the only way we know that is if you comment.

I make announcements about  new posts on social media. The tendency of my readers seems to be to go back to the social media link and comment on the post there. It creates a couple of different situations: first of all, I have to follow three or four conversations about my post, instead of one. Secondly, I sometimes end up repeating a reply to a comment because it’s something I answered on a different social media. Thirdly, it makes new readers/subscribers/other people who don’t get here via social media think I don’t get any comments at all.

I highly encourage people with something to say about an entry to do it here on the blog, rather than in the social media where you followed the link.

If you have something you’d like to say, but not in public, the best way to reach me is via email. You can email me at awesome.del at gmail.com. Please put something in the subject line to let me know you’re commenting on the blog.

I try to respond to most comments, especially if you ask a question.

I only have two rules about comments:

1. Be a decent human being. Don’t make racist, homophobic, transphobic, abelist, or any other hateful comments about me or other commenters. Don’t assume someone’s preferred pronoun unless you know them personally.

2. Don’t suggest diagnoses, or treatments, to me unless you’re a professional in the field. I’ll take acupuncture advice from acupuncturists, but not from laymen. It’s usually helpful to know if I’ve tried it before (I have) and whether it worked for me (it didn’t). Do NOT, under any circumstances, tell me about how your Uncle/Sister/Friend/Second Life Husband had symptoms similar to mine and it turned out they had X, or followed X diet/treatment and got all better. I consider myself to be fairly proactive in terms of seeking treatment, and if I have questions about something specific, I’ll ask.

That’s it.


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