She Has Taken Half My Heart

September 11, 2015 at 10:56 pm (Uncategorized)

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She Has Taken Half My Heart

She didn’t want my Work
I am already doing it, and doing more of it, and
doing less of other things.
Dedication, in this case,
means spending your time seeped
in Passion, Purpose, and Production
while at the same time fighting
Distractions, Drama, and Dead-Ends.
Why should She merely ask for something
I’ve already given Her
or more precisely
given Her father who in turn gives it to Her?

Nor did my Will interest Her;
I play out my submissive fantasies with the Gods,
doing what They ask, even if I don’t understand
or feel so inclined or like how my gut feels about it.
I empty myself of as much desire,
even when it means crying over dead dreams and visions
a loving marriage, a thrice filled cradle, a rounded family,
a dog named Mr. Bojangles running in the yard
it sounds so unlike me, but that’s because the me
surrendered their Will long ago
but also surrendered their Will yesterday, today
each breath another surrender.
Why would She merely ask for something
I’ve already given up
continue to give up with
as little contrariness as possible.

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