Helpful Things TO Say To Someone in Chronic Pain

May 10, 2013 at 12:35 am (Uncategorized)

A follow up to the other entry I reblogged, a list of suggestions of things that people with the chronic pain actually want to hear.



  1. bluenoter said,

    Oh, jeez, now I see the original comment again. So sorry! Del, I hope you’ll delete as needed.

  2. Hillary said,

    Hey Del,

    Since I’ll be seeing you at FSG, I thought I’d catch up a little with your blog. I had actually given some thought as to what to say to you/ask after your health and this is helpful.

    I’ve also been dealing with a lot of emotional pain in the past year – my bipolar is well medicated but I’ve still had a lot of issues with depression and PTSD. A lot of the above applies to that as well, as my friends are always at a loss as to what to say when I talk about these things. I’m trying to get better about reaching out for support so I’ll pass this along.

    See you soon,

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