1. Renee said,

    Oh yeesh. I’m sorry to hear this because that really, really, really sucks.

  2. aeddubh said,

    Here’s hoping that there at least won’t be Oompa-Loompas involved.

  3. Rebecca said,

    Blerg. (and you meant Violet Beuregard)

  4. Duffi said,

    oh this is miserable. Totally miserable.
    I’ll follow the comments and if nobody closer steps forward, I’ll take you. I have an appointment Tuesday which I can change.

  5. Sharon said,

    And if it can’t be rescheduled, then let me know. I wil be your wheels for the

  6. Jami Grey said,

    Start selling it as Del miracle tonic…that’s the best thing I can think of…just a splash of Del’s tonic will cure all kinds of diseases, but side effects include chronic masturbation and blindness.

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