Nothing Is Ever As Easy As You Think

November 29, 2011 at 4:55 pm (Medical, Tuberculosis (Inactive)) (, , , , , )

A short medical update:

I came home from Thanksgiving Day weekend, having taught at Brimstone, an event up in NJ. I was feeling sort of run down and wonky, and then there were a multitude of situations at the hotel which challenged my  health – like rooms that were either boiling or freezing, including my hotel room.

Top that with my assigned roomie (a lover of mine, so I lucked out, but still assigned) was recovering from bronchitis, and my fate was sealed.

I started the TB med on Monday morning.

So I woke up this morning around 4, both sick as a dog and suffering from the same god damn symptoms as last time I tried the TB meds.

I tried treating the “sick as a dog” part on my own, but it quickly proved to be bigger than home remedies. I got in to see my PCP, and got my ID on the phone.

I’m taking antibiotics for the sick, and the TB meds have been stopped again. Hopefully I can nurse my way back to feeling normal from the interaction this time, rather than going to the ER.

I’d be angry and disappointed, if I didn’t feel so freaking sick.


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  1. Lisa said,


    I’m so sorry to hear that you ended up getting sick AND having issues with the TB meds. Either one on their own is bad enough. I hope that at least you also brought back some fun memories from Brimstone. JP and I have been thinking of you, and we’re keeping you in our prayers asking that if the doctors can’t figure out and cure what’s wrong that they can at least help you to feel somewhat normal again.

    As soon as our schedules sort out and stabilize, I’ll get in contact with Ninja and find out what Michelle and I, or JP and I, or I can do to help out. Even if it’s just swinging by one weekend to help with cleaning and laundry.

    Sending much love and healing thoughts your way…

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