Friends in need of help

November 28, 2011 at 2:41 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

you may remember that I have talked about my “medical advocates”: their names are Jamie and Jesse. They have been an unmeasurable help in managing my health care (driving me to doctors appointments, talking to doctors, taking notes, offering suggestions, making appointments, and general medical advice) and I truly believe that without them, I would not be in as good a position as I am.


Right now, Jamie is in the hospital; she is having her own “dying for a diagnosis” moment. Her original complaint was severe migraines; it has turned out that she has leaks in her CNS as well as a possible tumor. What was supposed to be a short hospital stay has become an indefinite one. She was determined to be home by Thanksgiving; they are not sure at this point if she will be home by Christmas.


This has come an incredibly inopportune time for Jamie and Jesse. They were in the middle of moving from one location to another, and their plan was to rely on their own manpower to clean out the old place and bring everything to a new place. At first, it seemed like it was perhaps possible for Jesse to attack this problem on her own; but between time spent with her partner in the hospital trying to calm her and make her feel comfortable, time spent trying to hold down her job, and other demands; the going has been much slower where than they had originally anticipated. There is a soft deadline of December 1; as that is when the old place will lose power. (There has been some discussion of extending that; but that is an expense that they may not be able to absorb)


I am asking my readers who live in the MD/VA/DC area to consider finding a few hours between now and December 1 to assist these people who have been instrumental in my health care. The three things that have been requested are A.) people who can lift heavy things; B.) people who can assist in throwing trash away and general organizing; and C.) people with vehicles that carry heavy things (pickup trucks SUVs etc.) who are willing to transport things from old place to place. They live in northern Maryland, not far from Ramblewood. If you are willing to assist them, drop me an e-mail and I will forward it to them so that you both can arrange good time to meet up.


I am also asking for readers who feel so moved to pray for Jamie and Jesse. Both of them could use a good turn, and not just in the immediate crisis. If you know Jamie personally, and are friends with her on Facebook, dropping her an encouraging comment on a daily basis goes a long way to make her feel as though her community has her back. If you know them (and you would  if you attend Beltane, FSG, Fires of Venus, or any Jeff Mach event), but you do not know how to reach them and wish to send them words of encouragement, you can e-mail messages to me at and I will forward it to them.


Please feel free (and I actually encourage you to) to forward this message to people who may be able to help. If we can get people to help them with their move, I will consider it a debt that I owe, and I’m willing to pay back in barter or trade. This means if you are willing to give them some of your time, I will offer you readings, counseling, ritual planning, or whatever else you can think of that you might want from me. Of course,I will also appreciate those who do it as a goodwill offering from their heart.


Thank you for your indulgence; I know this is only tangentially related to what this blog is about; I hope you see this means a great deal to me that I am willing to reach out to my support system in hopes of strengthening Jamie and Jesse.



  1. Bella said,

    As I’m in Massachusetts, all I can offer is a prayer for the best outcome and my best wishes.

  2. Elizabeth said,

    ARGH! If I could, I’d get on the bus and come down there to help out, but as it is, I will be praying for them from up here.

    I’ve deactivated my FB account, so can’t message them there, but please let them both know I’m thinking of them and hoping for the best.

  3. ali said,

    Thank you Del. I am honored to call you friend, family and shaman. Our lives are better with you in them and as always we will do anything we can to help you through your journey. We did not expect this or the outpouring of love and suppport that we have gotten. We have an amazing tribe and I will never doubt their powers of love and prayer.

    Asking for help was the hardest thing we have ever done, but we have gotten to a point where we are barely surviving by taking care of each other. We have gotten to where we have to go on some blind faith. Much love to everyone ❤

  4. Jeff Mach said,

    If I can help in any way, I would like to.

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